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REES (The recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake & the Shift to a “sustainable society”) / Hosting the first symposium for the Great East Japan Earthquake

Two years have passed since the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, but how much progress has been made so far in terms of the proper recovery from the earthquake, the tsunami, and the nuclear accident as well as the “recovery of humanity”, which guarantees a livelihood as a human?

Each of the prefectural Associations in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima has developed programs for recovery, and other prefectural Associations have also given various support. However, many problems lie ahead in the disaster-stricken region, including a sluggish sales figure after business resumption, no applicants even for eager employers, and in Fukushima, furthermore, the uncertainty as to when local people can go home because of the lack of progress in decontamination work. These problems are not just confined to the disaster-stricken region. While sharing the lesson of the calamity within the whole Association, in order to prevent its memories from wearing thin with time, the National Conference of Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs, as the Headquarters for the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, has not only established a research group “REES” for examining the program toward the recovery through the shift to a sustainable society, but also decided to host an annual symposium for the recovery. We are looking forward to the members from the Associations nationwide attending the symposium.

Record from the Great East Japan Earthquake


 *This video is only Japanese.

Disaster area map

より大きな地図で 東日本大震災被災地マップ を表示

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